Partner Primary Schools

Cantonian High School's main partner primary schools are Fairwater, Pentrebane and Peter Lea. We also regularly admit pupils from Llandaff City Church in Wales, Herbert Thompson, Lansdowne, Millbank, Radnor Road and Severn Road Primary schools, as well as several others.

You can see the location of our main partner primary schools in the map below and view their websites here:

Fairwater Primary School

Pentrebane Primary School

Peter Lea Primary School

We understand that moving into high school is a big step, and we work closely with our partner primary schools to ensure that pupils find this journey enjoyable, and that they feel confident about joining us.

During Year 6, our staff visit our feeder schools, and pupils join us for celebrations, festivals and sporting events. By the time they arrive in Year 7, we hope that they are familiar with the school and our staff. Our Transition Plan formal arrangements are held up as a model of good practice by Estyn and more than meet the requirements placed upon us. Our partnership working is described by Estyn as “excellent”.

“Pastoral and curricular links with partner primary schools are very effective and focus well on improving the standards and wellbeing of pupils. Joint projects and regular meetings to share information between parents, staff and pupils are strong features of the equal partnership that exists between these schools.” Estyn

Pupils are carefully assessed by both primary and Cantonian staff, to ensure that each child is placed in an appropriate grouping. We make sure that children are placed with at least one of their special friends whenever possible.

We monitor each child very carefully in their first term here to ensure they are happy and have settled in well. We work with parents and carers to sort out any issues that arise, and any changes are always made in full consultation.