Attendance and Absence

Give your child a better future posterThe importance of attendance at school cannot be over-emphasised. If pupils are not here they are not learning. But if absence is unavoidable please follow the outlined procedure:-

If your child is going to be late, we would appreciate a note or a phone-call.

If you know in advance your child won't be in school:

Write a letter a minimum of two weeks before, giving the reason why to the Headteacher and Governors.

Send in a medical appointment card so that the Attendance Team can mark the pupil accordingly in the register.

Write a note for any other reason in the Learning Journal, so that the Attendance Team can mark the pupils accordingly in the register.

If your child is ill or there is a family emergency:

Let us know on the first day they are away by telephoning school on this number: 029 2041 5297 (24 hours)

If you do not contact the school on the first day of absence, or the absence is unauthorised, the Attendance Team will telephone or text message you to ask you to explain the absence.

We realise that there may sometimes be problems; so if we do not hear from you, our clerical staff will send you a letter or continue to phone you. The Attendance & Wellbeing Officer may contact or visit you to ensure that you comply with the law and help you avoid prosecution.

Holidays in Term Time

Parents are urged not to book holidays in term time as local authority instructions request that we no longer authorise such absences.

Attendance Target

We have a minimum target of 95% attendance for every pupil and to help pupils' awareness, each child knows what their current attendance grade is weekly and what their target attendance grade is weekly. This is done in form tutor time every Monday morning and recorded in their Learning Journals.

Each half term, every pupil making 100% or 95% will be presented with a certificate and will be offered the opportunity to join in a termly reward trip.

In addition, the form group with the highest combined attendance will receive an attendance trophy.

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