Pupil Contract

Cantonian High School Pupil Contract - Years 7-11

I (the pupil) agree to:

  • Be on time for school and for each of my lessons and to attend school every day.
  • Behave well in lessons and not disturb other pupils, keeping the school rules.
  • Behave properly at break and lunch times and on the journey to and from school.
  • Not to drop litter in school, in the playground or on the fields, or on my journey to and from school.
  • Always be polite and respectful to staff, visitors and other pupils, treating them as I like to be treated.
  • Obey all instructions given by staff, in lessons and around the school.
  • Wear full school uniform, as set out in the uniform requirements, and to wear only the permitted jewellery, and to bring a suitable bag for my books.
  • Accept that no make-up is to be worn in the Lower School.
  • Bring my PE kit on the right days and to participate, unless I am unwell, when I will bring a note in my Learning Journal.
  • Use my Learning Journal to record all homework, targets, etc, to get it signed by my parent / carer each week and to keep it grafitti-free.
  • Respect property belonging to the school, staff and other pupils.and to take care of my own, understanding that the school can take no responsibility for expensive items brought onto the premises or on trips.
  • Keep any mobile phone or iPod / MP3 or similar I choose to bring to school switched off in the building and at lesson times, and put safely away in my bag.
  • Keep the rules for safe IT use, which include not accessing banned or inappropriate websites, sending messages via MSN or other live messaging systems using the school's system, and logging in using someone else's log-in details.
  • Not to make or postĀ images or video of school staff, students, images of Cantonian or the name of Cantonian on any internet or other site without prior written consent from the Headteacher.
  • Not bring any dangerous items into school - this includes cigarettes & matches / lighters, alcohol, illegal substances (drugs), offensive items / literature, or anything which is, or could be used as, a weapon.
  • Do my part to keep the good name of the school in the community.
  • Note that any application for entry into the Sixth Form is dependent on high standards of behaviour, attendance and progress during my previous years in school.

I (the parent) agree:

  • To ensure that my child complies with this contract.
  • To support the school in educating my child and helping him or her to obey the school rules.
  • To ensure that I do not allow my child to miss any time from school unless for ill-health.
  • To re-imburse the school for any damage caused by my child
  • To re-imburse the school for any exam fees should my child be entered and subsequently fail to complete work or to attend the exam.
  • That any item of value brought into school by my child is at my own risk.

The school agrees:

  • To provide a full programme of lessons to promote learning to the highest standards.
  • To offer extra support and counselling sessions through the school pastoral system.
  • To keep parents informed of pupils' progress through the school diary, school reports and the annual pupil report.