Top Ten Tips for Sixth Form Success

  1. Go to University open days - These are great opportunities to go see what a University is like, find out information, meet tutors and other students, have a look around and ask lots of questions.
  2. Spend your time wisely! Once at sixth form, you'll find you have a lot more free time than you did at school and the challenge is to make sure you use it wisely. Make sure you add personal study time to your timetable and try to get into the habit of sticking to it.
  3. Study with friends - No need to handle all your coursework alone. Get together with a group of friends to work on some of your assignments. You'll find the support incredibly useful and it's a lot more fun than working solo.
  4. Find a space that stimulates your mind - A corner of the library or a spot in a café. Sometimes a change of scenery is just the thing you need to get your brain working. If sitting at a desk isn't working for you, find a space that does.
  5. Speak to your tutors - You will be encouraged to be more independent in planning your study time however, tutors are still there to help so if you are having difficulty with an assignment. Book time to speak to them for advice.
  6. Go to the library/study room. - If you've been given a reading list for one of your courses, it's a good idea to get to the Library as soon as possible to reserve the books you need.
  7. Some extra costs - The good news is that some students are eligible for a number of discounts, such cheaper rail cards and Education Maintenance Allowance.
  8. Get work experience - This could be a great opportunity for you gain valuable work experience, but only if it doesn't affect your study time too much.
  9. Join in - We offer a number of fun activities for you to join – sports, events, clubs and societies, and more.
  10. Enjoy it! - For the first time you get to study the subject of your choice. It's a dream come true so don't forget to enjoy it.