Uniform, Jewellery, Hair and Make-up

Uniform Policy (Years 7 to 11)

All pupils are expected to wear the school uniform, which is listed below. The 'polo' t-shirt, jumper and cardigan may be purchased from the school.

Any pupil not in full school uniform will be sent home to change, after a telephone call has been made to inform the parent / carer

N.B. While our sixth form students are not currently required to wear school uniform, we do expect an appropriate standard of dress in keeping with their status as 'role models'.

Cantonian's uniform is available to buy from YC Sports, Cowbridge Road, Canton.  Uniform is also available to purchase from the school using the order form below - for more details, please speak to Mrs Young on 029 2041 5250.

You can use this Uniform Order Form to buy school-approved clothes.
pdfUniform Order Form18.62 KB 

School jumper or cardigan

Black jumper or cardigan with the school badge embroidered on it, available from the school. Jumpers may only be worn over polo t-shirts, not alone. Any other tops / sweaters / cardigans / 'hoodies' of whatever colour are not acceptable. Plain black cardigans / jumpers are also unacceptable – the school jumper or cardigan must be worn.

School polo t-shirt

Short-sleeved 'polo' t-shirt in royal blue with the school badge embroidered on it, available from the school. This may be worn without the jumper or cardigan in the summer.

Trousers or skirt

Traditional-style, plain black. Skirts to be worn at knee-length. Denims, jeans, cut-offs, shorts, cargo pants, leggings, "skinnies" or any other style than traditional are not acceptable. Please note that if belts are worn, they must be plain black.

Islamic Dress

This must be made up in very dark navy blue or black. The school badge must be obtained from the school and sewn to the top. A school jumper or cardigan must be worn on top in cold weather. Hijab, if worn, should be of a plain colour: black, very dark navy blue, very pale blue or white. All other uniform should comply with the requirements.


A plain black or dark coloured coat, raincoat or jacket (not suede, leather, denim or with visible logos) and / or black fleece with the school badge embroidered on it, available from the school. Waterproof coats may be purchased from the school.

Coats, jackets and fleeces are to be removed in lessons.

Hats and caps are not permitted to be worn in the school building.




Plain white or dark coloured socks. Please note that if skirts are worn, plain black or flesh tights or socks must also be worn.

Jewellery (All Years)

The only jewellery allowed in school is:

  • One small signet ring.
  • One small pair of stud earrings (one stud in each ear-lobe).
  • One wrist watch.

No necklaces, bracelets or anklets, facial, or other visible body piercings are permitted, including tongue-piercing jewellery or "extenders".

The reasons are:

  • We cannot be responsible for personal property.
  • Large rings, earrings and body piercings can be a serious safety hazard.

These rules apply at all times to both boys and girls and we shall be enforcing them strictly.

Continuing to wear unacceptable jewellery after a warning will mean that it will be confiscated.

Hair Styles (All Years)

Extremes of style, cut or colour are unsuitable for school, and are not permitted.


Make-up should not be used in the lower school and should be discreet if worn in the upper school. Pupils will be told to remove it if it is noticeable.