The School Badge and its Derivation

The Cantonian school badge has been reworked following the design of the original school badge of Canton High School for Boys.

The icons within the badge have not changed for over a century.

Evolution of the Cantonian High School crest

The stag represents the Earl of Plymouth, a long time sponsor of the school, and this can be clearly seen on the Earl's family crest (above-left). The dragon represents the land of Wales and the lamp represents the benefit of education. These icons all feature in the old boys' school badge.

The four points of the compass that feature in the current Cantonian badge represent the school's commitment to teach young people from any part of the world.

"Semper sursum" is the old school motto and features on the original badges, both from the girls' and the boys' schools. The Latin translation is "ever upwards".

The new Cantonian High School motto or "vision statement" as it is now known is "The best from each, success for all".

Cantonian school badge elements

Although the school colours are traditionally blue, black and silver, the pupils of Cantonian High School were asked what colours they would like to see on the badge by a previous headteacher, Mr A Cowell. The colours they chose were the red and gold you see above.