STEM Club at Cantonian

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STEM club allows students to gain a valuable insight into scientific and Mathematical practical activities which they might not have the chance to do in school time.

The club runs every Thursday after school and so far students have had the opportunity to become rocket scientists, car manufacturers, crash site engineers and dissection biologists! The club allows students to gain key skills which can be used across the curriculum in many different subjects; such as presentation, communication and problem solving skills. It also gives a great insight into the wide variety of STEM careers available for students to pursue.

The club is always packed full of fun activities that are suited to all students in every age group and ability. The STEM club is looking to start a science fair where students will have the opportunity to present the exciting work they have done.

The STEM club is a great way to get involved in some exciting practical activities that celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It is a fantastic way to show students how many rewarding and exciting opportunities there are out there for them (and do a few fizzing chemical reactions along the way).

"The Chemistry in STEM club was really fun. I liked the explosions" Mathew Palmer Y8