Virtual Learning Areas

Cantonian High School supports its students through a number of online "virtual learning areas".


Moodle is a complete virtual learning environment that the school uses to provide support materials for students. If coursework is set on Cantonian's Moodle site, then students can also use it to submit it to teachers for marking, and for providing reports that parents can access.

Click here to access the Cantonian High School Moodle Site

SAM LearningSAM Learning

The SAM Learning site provides resources to help students study and revise for exams, with content written by teachers and examiners.

Click here to access the SAM Learning website

Bright SparksBright Sparks

Bright Sparks is an online system that enables students from Cantonian High School to progress and record their skills development, which can be included within a CV or job application.

Click here to access the Bright Sparks website