Why Choose Cantonian?

Choosing a school for your child is such a big decision and you need to get it right;  you also need to make that decision balancing lots of different pieces of information.  Secondary school is the last step your child will take before entering the big world of higher education, work or further training – we know how important these things are.  Here are some of the factors we think you should examine ...

Get some up-to-date feedback

What do current parents and pupils say about our school?  It is so easy for a school to get pigeon-holed, but don't be influenced by opinions which are not based on facts.

Look at what some of our current parents and pupils say about us ...

"I have two children in years 7 and 8 at Cantonian, and I am really happy with how they have settled in, and how quickly the teachers have understood their personalities and their needs.  Teachers and support staff are really supportive – they get back to you really quickly if you call them and you are never made to feel as if your worries are petty.  The teachers go out of their way to support children academically and through out of school activities.  I am really proud to have such an inclusive local school on my doorstep."  Angela (Parent) 

"Both my children are in Cantonian High School.  My daughter is currently in year 13 and has been accepted at univeristy which would not have been possible without the help and support of the teachers involved in her education.  My son is in year 7.  He has found the transition from primary school to high school very smooth and is thoroughly enjoying his time in year 7.  It gives me, as a parent, a sense of security that my children are well looked after and educated at Cantonian High School."  Louise (Parent)

"My life in Cantonian has been full of excitement, happiness and friendship.  Upon looking at my whole school time, there is only one word to describe it, sensational.  The teachers are hard working and the pupils have made the journey more fulfilling.  I will miss this school once I leave at the end of my next academic year and would love to re-live my school experiences if I could."  Mark Roche

"Cantonian has really made my high school years memorable, thanks to the support and reassurance given by the teachers.  Not only have the teachers been very helpful, but being here in Cantonian has given me life long friends that I hope will be friends forever.  This school has helped me make decisions for the future and will continue to do so until I leave."  Ebony Lloyd

"I have plenty of happy memories and many that I will keep forever."  Ryan Gould

"Through out my experience at Cantonian I have met some amazing students, staff and friends.  All of these people have had a huge impact and positive effect on the person I am and the person I hope to be in the future."  Francesca Williams

"In Cantonian you make the most of your time here, whether it's with a certain group of friends you have come to know and trust, or with the teachers who work and strive to make sure you get the best out of your education and to give you the necessary tools for your future in the world.  From when you get here in year seven to possibly when you leave in either year 11 or sixth form you will have gained plenty of experiences and memories you will hold onto for the rest of your life and if you work hard, you will gain all the knowledge you need to succeed in whatever path you make for yourself with all the support for your choice along the way.  However, what really makes this school is the people in it; pupils, friends, teachers and other members of staff.  In the end when you leave, you will miss them, and they will have a substantial impact on your life and the person you will become."  Connor Walsh

Read about how we value all our pupils ...

Cantonian staff work incredibly hard to ensure that all pupils fulfil our vision of "the best from each, success for all".  We believe that wellbeing is at the heart of every child's success story and we have a variety of systems in place to support those who need it.  Our philosophy is that every young person in the school can succeed, whether they are academic high-flyers, inclined towards vocational subjects, pupils with additional needs, or those who need extra nurture at a crisis point in their lives.

A school is an important part of its community and more ...

We are based in the heart of Fairwater, with great transport links to other parts of the city.  Our staff work hard to provide after school opportunities, ranging from extra sessions in exam subjects to sporting activities to homework club in the Learning & Media Resource Centre.  We arrange school trips, and arts and sporting activities – our playing fields are some of the best you will find in Cardiff.  We actively work with the local community where we have great links with our local primary schools, and a wide range of other community groups.

Get a feel for the school ...

Take a look at our website, where we hope we've given you a flavour of what life at Cantonian is like – you will see some very smiley faces here – and be able to find out some vital information as well.  Sometimes you just know that a school is right for your child from the moment you walk in.  It's about how it feels, how you are treated and the answers you get to your questions.

Come and see us .. we are always happy to welcome prospective pupils and their parents.  If you would like to visit us and have a look around, please contact the main office on 029 2041 5250, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We look forward to meeting you!