School Rules

The main school rules are:

  • Respect the environment, including the displays of art work
  • Walk and not run
  • Talk and not shout

Pupils should:

  • Respect
  • Be on time
  • Ready to learn
  • Let others learn
  • Try your best

Pupils' Lesson Routine

  • Pupils will enter calmly and sit to a seating plan
  • Eating, chewing or drinking are not allowed in classrooms
  • Bags and coats will be removed before entering the classroom
  • Mobiles, iPods etc must be switched off and put safely in bags
  • Diaries will be placed on desks to record homework and merits
  • Pupils will put their hands up to ask or answer questions
  • Please stay in your seats unless instructed otherwise
  • Pupils are not allowed out of lessons
  • Equipment will be packed away only when the teacher says
  • Put coats on when your teacher tells you
  • Please leave the room in a calm way

Teachers' Lesson Routine

  • Where possible teachers will meet pupils at the door
  • Coats and bags will be taken off before entering the room
  • An attendance register will be taken when pupils are quiet
  • Pupils will sit to a seating plan
  • Teachers will let pupils answer questions when they have put up their hand
  • Teachers have high expectations of their pupils
  • Teachers will show consistency and fairness in applying rules
  • Teachers will not allow pupils out of lessons except in emergencies
  • Teachers will provide a note if any pupil needs to be out of lesson
  • Pupils should be told to pack away in good time
  • Teachers should ensure that pupils leave in an orderly way if the corridor is clear