Subject Area Leader:

Mrs D Lynch


Art: Ms J Berry & Mr M Purcell

Drama: Mrs D Lynch

Music: Mr M Patterson

Introduction to the Subject Area

Pupil working on a printArts consists of Art, Music and Drama. Together we aim to embrace creativity and allow pupils to develop skills within a safe and purposeful environment. Pupils are encouraged to explore their creativity through detailed art work, musical flair and their acting ability. In Art, pupils are given the opportunity to explore different techniques, use a variety of materials and study a diverse range of artists. In Music, pupils are offered the opportunity to explore their talent through practical explorations and theoretical approaches to different genres of Music. Finally in Drama, pupils are given the opportunity to develop skills, such as working together, whilst also demonstrating their acting ability on the stage. Every pupil has the ability to be creative and in our subject area we are here to support them every step of the way.


We are firm believers in promoting skills and self esteem through extra-curricular activities. We embrace the opportunity to explore our pupils’ talents outside of lessons and where possible show off this talent to the public. This includes whole school performances, musical talent competitions, artistic cat walk shows and more.

For more information on any of our extra curricular activities please contact Mrs Lynch who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Subject Area Overview of KS3

All pupils participate in a baseline assessment at the start of year 7 so that we can establish prior knowledge and attainment. We study a variety of different topics which explore and support basic skills such as communication and team work, but also promote literacy and numeracy skills. Regular assessments take place across the subject area to ensure progress is being made throughout. This also allows us to put in place any extra support if required. Our level 5+ grades are increasing year on year and our level 7s are the highest they have ever been, demonstrating our support for more able and talented pupils. We encourage pupils at all key stages and abilities to participate in extra curricular activities and support and embrace talent from a young age.

Subject Area Overview of KS4

Pupils who opt for a subject within the Arts subject area are encouraged and supported from day one to their final examination. Pupils are expected to give one hundred per cent to their course, whether it is a Btec or GCSE, and in return they are offered creative and engaging lessons, taught by subject specialists, and the offer of additional support if and when required. The variety of different courses offered here at Cantonian allows us to support each pupil as an individual.

Subject Area Overview of KS5

Arts offers all three subject areas at Key Stage 5 which are all taught by subject specialists. We are also able to share certain classes with other schools, which not only increases our resources, but also encourages a variety of different teaching styles and techniques. All three subjects offer extra tuition alongside the designated teaching hours, and regular self study tasks are set to ensure our pupils are helped to reach their full potential.