Subject Area Leader:

Miss E Williams


Miss B Lewis (Literacy Coordinator), Mrs L Oakley, Miss L Walters

Introduction to the Subject Area

Student studying EnglishThe English Department is a dynamic and lively department which encourages independent learning, creative thinking and an enthusiasm for the subject.


  • Book Club AS/A level
  • After school sessions for Year 10 and 11
  • Key Stage 3 creative writing club Tuesday lunchtimes
  • Key Stage 3 catch up Thursday lunchtimes

Subject Area Overview of KS3

The Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work is used as a base from which pupils can begin to build and hone the skills they will need in Key Stage 4. Pupils in Key Stage 3 are given the opportunity to study a wide range of literature varying from Shakespeare right up to modern day writers such as Suzanne Collins. The aim of this is to encourage pupils to develop a love for reading. The students are given opportunities to write in a variety of forms including stories, leaflets, poems etc. This allows pupils to develop their own creativity and encourages them to develop the skills they need to express themselves in a variety of ways. Speaking and Listening is a large part of the Key Stage 3 course and allows pupils the opportunity to develop their communication skills working individually, as a pair or part of a group. Within the department, we encourage collaboration with peers and a lot of focus is put on peer assessment which allows pupils to work together to improve their own work.

Subject Area Overview of KS4

Key Stage 4 is focused on the GCSE examinations. Pupils are a given the opportunity to study language through reading and writing assessments. They are encouraged to write creatively through stories and descriptions with a clear focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar. Furthermore, they are given the opportunity to write non-fiction texts looking in particular at letters, leaflets and articles. These assessments also prepare the pupils for the exams they will undertake. Pupils are given the opportunity to study a wide range of literature. They will read two novels, two plays (one Shakespeare) plus numerous forms of poetry which will help the students not only for their controlled assessments, but also in the literature examination.

Subject Area Overview of KS5

The AS course offers English Language and Literature as a combined award. This allows pupils to gain a rounded knowledge of novels and poetry as it gives them the opportunity to understand the way they were written and the reason why they are so effective. Pupils focus mainly on the linguistic and literary features in the texts they read and are then expected to transfer this knowledge into writing their own creative pieces. The course is engaging and allows pupils, not only to develop a love of literature, but to have the ability to analyse the reasons behind what makes certain literature so effective. Pupils study a poetry anthology plus two texts. A level follows a similar structure to the AS course, but pupils are expected to have a more detailed knowledge of what they are studying. Pupils complete a comparison between a Shakespeare play and a contemporary one which allows for a strong focus on linguistic and literary features. The exam looks at non-fiction which encourages a response to reading and a focus on a novel which is currently Wuthering Heights. Both A level and AS students are encouraged to join the Book Club which encourages wider reading and a chance to discuss literature with a range of people.