Integrated Studies

Subject Area Leader:

Miss R Stockham


Mr M Cook, Ms J Croydon, Ms C Gwilliam, Mrs D Lynch, Miss R Stockham, Ms C Sueref, Ms J Thompson

Introduction to the Subject Area

Integrated Students studentsThe Integrated Studies subject area consists of Welsh Baccalaureate (WBQ), Key Skills, Personal & Social Education (PSE) and the year 7 integrated curriculum. We work towards enhancing the skills of the pupils through a variety of learning experiences. Within WBQ, pupils are offered a broad qualification that enhances their skills in terms of experiences and learning styles. The key skills feed into the Welsh Baccalaureate, but in addition to this, at Key Stage 4, pupils are offered the opportunity to undertake extra key skills work. PSE is also intrinsic in the delivery of WBQ, but we also offer a series of PSE/Skills days where pupils engage in different activities linked to PSE and Skills. Year 7 pupils are currently part of an integrated curriculum which involves a range of subjects being taught by a smaller group of teachers in order to boost levels of attainment in literacy and numeracy.


Our subject area offers a range of extra curricular activities. In terms of WBQ, this takes the form of trips and work experience as well as pupils completing a significant number of hours community voluntary work.

Subject Area Overview of KS3

Year 7 pupils are taught through the integrated curriculum with each teaching group having their own designated base room. Within this structure, pupils are taught a number of subjects in their base room including English, Maths, Humanities, Numeracy and Literacy. Humanities are delivered with a half termly intensive focus with the three subjects covered being History, Geography and RE. Pupils are taught in specialist rooms for subjects such as Technology, Art, PE and ICT. All pupils have access to a resource centre opposite the base rooms and intensive support for literacy and numeracy is also in place in the Reading Room. Pupils at key stage 3 are introduced to skills with some accreditation and have a series of PSE/Skills days over the course of the academic year. At the end of year 9, a successful induction programme is in place (WBQ week) where pupils undertake a team enterprise.

Subject Area Overview of KS4

All pupils study the Welsh Baccalaureate in years 10 and 11 in mixed ability groups. As part of the Welsh Baccalaureate, all pupils undertake a minimum of four Essential Skills (Wales) or Wider Key Skills. Within year 10, the Welsh Baccalaureate course also incorporates Work Skills.

Subject Area Overview of KS5

WBQ is a popular option at KS5 and there is provision for the delivery of all three levels at post 16.

There is momentum within the department to ensure the successful completion of the majority of the key skills in year 12, and this impacts positively on the students’ experience. In recent years, the investigation has been entered and moderated early. The skills days held throughout the year and the Year 12 WBQ week offer additional opportunities for curriculum enhancement.