Subject Area Leader:

Mrs C Gwilliam


Miss M Johnson (Welsh), Mrs K Salaün-Griffiths (Spanish)

Introduction to the Subject Area

Languages studentThe Languages Subject Area consists of Welsh and Spanish. Our aim is to encourage pupils to develop their language and communication skills both within and outside the classroom. We want them to become learners who are committed to learning, are motivated by learning and enjoy learning, and who are therefore confident in their ability to learn, take risks and to persevere.

Pupils are supported in their language learning by specialist staff and are encouraged to build on the knowledge they have gained from Primary school. In languages, pupils are given the opportunity to speak, listen, read and write on a range of topics including holidays, the environment and the world of work. They are encouraged to work in pairs and groups allowing them to develop skills such as working together. They also give class presentations building up their confidence in conversing in another language. Their use of Welsh is supported outside the classroom by the incidental Welsh used by staff and pupils throughout the school every day, reinforcing their awareness of Wales as a bilingual country.


Pupils are offered the opportunity to practise their Welsh, ask for extra help or catch up on any work missed in Welsh Club after school every Thursday. Pupils are actively encouraged to take part in the annual Eisteddfod in Welsh and Spanish, and to compete in their houses which helps promotes their involvement in the community life of the school. In the run up to the Eisteddfod, they are able to earn points for their houses by their use of Welsh outside the classroom. We also run a popular trip for Year10 pupils to the Welsh Festival in Euro Disney, and a number of language trips are organised locally to enhance pupils’ learning of Spanish, including a visit to Cardiff University.

Overview of Key Stage 3

Pupils study many different topics using a variety of resource materials, including those created in school which support acquiring new language patterns and vocabulary. This also helps promote literacy and numeracy skills, for example through learning time and money in the different languages. Regular assessments take place throughout the school year to ensure progress is being made and to address the need for extra support if needed. Pupils are encouraged to self evaluate their progress and at the end of each topic, they evaluate their performance and set their own targets for improvement.Bottom of Form Our level 5 grades have increased every year and more pupils are gaining level 6.

Overview of Key Stage 4

All pupils study Welsh at KS4 and follow the applied course which emphasises the use of Welsh in the workplace. They will either be entered for GCSE full course, short course or Entry Pathways, depending on their ability, as we are committed to entering as many pupils as possible for a recognised qualification. Spanish remains a popular option for GCSE and attracts pupils with a range of abilities. We have high expectations of all our pupils and they are all encouraged to work to the best of their ability and to ask for additional support if required. The Languages subject area aims to encourage learners who are responsible for their learning, able to communicate effectively and can adapt and be independent. The variety of different courses we offer allows all pupils to gain a language qualification whatever their ability.

Overview of Key Stage 5

Welsh and Spanish are offered at A Level.