Subject Area Leader:

Mr C Woolley


Miss K Davies, Mr K Williams ( I/C Numeracy)

Introduction to the Subject Area

Student studying MathsThrough the subject of maths pupils learn about shape, number, algebra and data, with a strong emphasis on the development of numeracy skills.


The maths department encourages learners to develop their mathematical and numerical skills through extra-curricular provision. After school sessions run each Wednesday to allow pupils the opportunity to receive extra support. All pupils are encouraged to come to lunch time support sessions for assistance with classwork and homework.

Subject Area Overview of KS3

Pupils follow the Key Stage 3 Scheme of Work which is designed to develop their skills and knowledge in a range of areas including addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, long division, long multiplication, fractions and ordering decimals. Emphasis is placed on teaching pupils how to apply these skills and knowledge to day-to-day situations.

Subject Area Overview of KS4

At Key Stage 4 pupils learn to expand their skills and knowledge through developing their mathematical skills via a range of topics including probability, Pythagoras’ Theorem, vectors-displacement, magnitude, resultant vectors and algebraic fractions. Pupils follow the GCSE Edexcel Mathematics course which culminates in an exam. Depending on a pupil’s ability and readiness they will sit the exam at various points throughout year 10 and 11.

Subject Area Overview of KS5

Students are taught by Mathematics specialists and are currently studying a range of high level mathematical skills including indices, surds, polynomial functions, factors, linear and quadratic equations.