Physical Education (PE)

Subject Area Leader:

Mr G Davies

Teachers:Miss H Evans, Miss R Stockham, Mr M Cook, Mr G H Davies

Introduction to the Subject Area

Cantopnian High School rugby teamPE consists of Physical Education and Public Services.

The aim of the PE department at Cantonian is to achieve high quality outcomes in PE and Sport through high quality and fun lessons – enthusing pupils toward the value that PE, sport and physical activity can play in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. These high quality outcomes range from developing more committed, confident, healthy and skilful pupils who enjoy PE, sport and physical activity, to taking the many opportunities to engage in sporting activities we have at school and in the local and wider community.

There is a strong tradition of sport within the school. There have been a number of international athletes come through the school in a variety of sports. The school can boast of having two international footballers represent Wales at senior level at the same time – Jermaine Easter and Joe Ledley, while Ryan Green became the youngest player to have represented Wales at football. More recently, Bradley Mais represented Wales under 16s at rugby in 2012 before signing for Wigan rugby league, while Cai Warner and Earl McRae (Year 12) represent Wales in football and athletics respectively (Disability sport). Daniel Noyes captained the Wales under 16 baseball team in 2012 (brothers Richard and Mathew Noyes had also previously represented Wales in baseball) while Amy Wyatt represented Wales in Gymnastics.


Extra curricular teams compete in inter-school competitions and friendly fixtures in the following sporting areas: Netball, Basketball, Football, Rugby, Cross Country, Baseball and Athletics.

There are plans to run a girls football team in 2012-13 and a mixed indoor rowing team.

There are additional clubs running every day as part of the schools 5x60 programme. At the present time, clubs are running in Cheerleading, Football, Basketball, Swimming and Judo at various times during the school day. This is subject to change every half-term and plans are in place to extend this with dodgeball and table tennis.

Subject Area Overview of KS3

At Key Stage 3, it is our aim to develop enthusiasm and more confident pupils who welcome challenges and love to have fun through physical activity and sport. The understanding of high quality outcomes such as developing enjoyment, commitment, confidence, health and fitness is a key focus of lessons. Pupils will develop specific and transferable skills that can be used in other subjects and in the world of work such as teamwork, leadership, communication, literacy and numerical skills. Pupils at KS3 are actively encouraged to take ownership of lessons - continuously assessing their progress and then working with delivery staff to assist in planning their future lessons. We fulfil National Curriculum requirements to deliver Competitive Activities, Creative Activities, Health, Fitness and Well-Being activities and Adventurous Activities.

There is a strong tradition of adventurous activities in the school and pupils at KS3 have the opportunity to attend the Storey Arms Residential Adventurous Activity centre in Brecon in years 8 and 9.

Subject Area Overview of KS4

At Key Stage 4, pupils have the opportunity to gain National qualifications. The PE Department currently run courses in Btec level 2 Extended Certificate in Sport (2 A-C grades) and Btec Level 2 Diploma in Sport courses (4 A-C Grades). We also deliver a Btec level 2 extended Certificate in Public Services -the biggest employer in the UK (2 A-C grades).

As part of all courses, there is an opportunity to engage in ‘Expedition’ units which involve day and overnight expeditions (most recently to Gower and Canoeing the Wye river). The year 10 Public Services group also study an ‘Adventurous Activity’ unit and complete a fantastic three day course at the Storey Arms residential centre.

As part of core PE, pupils continue working toward developing skills in units from KS3.

Subject Area Overview of KS5

In the sixth form, students study the popular Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma and Diploma courses in Sport (equivalent to 1 or 2 ‘A’ levels, A-E Grades). These courses look at scientific, psychological and socio-cultural issues related to the sporting industry and offer a direct route to Higher Education or employment. A high number of our students progress to University to study a subjects ranging from traditional PE and Sports courses to Police Science. Four of our recent students are now teachers – Ryan Crimmins is Head of PE at Mary Immaculate High School.

In Level 3 Public Services (1 A-E grade at ‘A’ Level), students study a number of key areas relating to the Public Services, ranging from Leadership, Citizenship and the Government to the role of Expeditions’ and ‘Adventurous activities’ towards developing personal and inter-personal skills required in the Public Services. The course is extremely topical and popular and offers students the opportunity to progress to University or employment. The public sector is the biggest employer in the UK and career paths could follow a route into any of the public sectors – ranging from the Police, Fire service and Armed Forces to National Health Service, Councils and Education Services. 

Pupils are expected to attend a three day residential adventurous activity course in year 12 and day and overnight expeditions on both Sport and Public Services courses as part of the practical assessment. The students from both courses will usually be on the same expeditions and visits – students that opt to study both Level 3 Sport and Public Services courses can use this practical assessment to cover the ‘Adventurous Activity’ units in both courses.

Entry requirements for this course are 4-5 A-C grades at GCSE level. For those that have studied Btec Level 2 courses, it is expected that pupils should have achieved at least a ‘Merit’ grade (B grade) or higher.