'On-Track' is a facility for our existing pupils, identified by Cantonian staff as likely to benefit.

'On-Track' offers support for behavioural, emotional and social difficulties to Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils. We provide 1:1 and group sessions where appropriate including:

  • pastoral support plans
  • amended educational timetables
  • anger management programmes
  • emotional support packages
  • raising self esteem groups
  • circle of friends

We work closely with outside agencies to maximise these interventions.

Pupils are referred through the Senior Management Team, Head of School and Subject Area Leader.

On-Track also supports pupils who are going through an interim period of vulnerability, such as bereavement, anxiety etc.

On Track is also accessible to pupils during lunch and break times.

Please note: This is not a Local Authority run special unit, but a means of supporting our own children.