Frequently Asked Questions

Admission to Cantonian High School

A significant number of pupils choose to come to Cantonian from other schools at various points in their school career. Parents can ask us to admit their child to Cantonian at any stage of their child's education. You can learn more about applying to our School by visiting here.
We have established close links with our partner primary schools and we take great care to ensure that the transition to Cantonian is an enjoyable one for our pupils. Click here for further information on Year 6 into Year 7 admissions.


If your child is ill or there is a family emergency, let us know on the first day they are away by telephoning school on this number: (029) 2041 5297 (24 hours).  If you do not contact the school on the first day of absence, or the absence is unauthorised, the Attendance Team will telephone or text message you to ask you to explain the absence.  We realise that there may sometimes be problems; so if we do not hear from you, our clerical staff will send you a letter or continue to phone you. The Attendance & Wellbeing Officer may contact or visit you to ensure that you comply with the law and help you avoid prosecution.
Regular attendance at school is essential. Parents are urged not to book holidays in term time as local authority instructions request that we no longer authorise such absences.


You should telephone the main office on (029) 2041 5250. Please remember you may not be able to speak to the member of staff immediately due to their teaching commitments, but a message will be passed on. You may also like to email key staff by visiting here.
Yes – our main email address is You can also find the email addresses of our key staff by clicking here.
When contacting the school to discuss any issue concerning your child, the usual sequence would be:
  1. Your child's Form Tutor via your child's Learning Journal or telephone call to the main office (029) 2041 5250.
  2. The relevant Assistant Head of School via your child's Learning Journal or telephone call to the main office.
A full list of Key Staff can be viewed here.


Please click here to view the requirements of our School uniform.


You can find all our term time and holiday dates by clicking the links.
Parents are urged not to book holidays in term time as local authority instructions request that we no longer authorise such absences.


With homework, it is usually best to contact the subject teacher in the first instance, via the main office (029) 2041 5250 or email

More Able & Talented Pupils (MATS)

Every pupil is considered for inclusion on the school's MAT register. In the first instance, pupils are added to the register on the recommendation of teachers from at least two subject areas. Secondly, those pupils who achieved an NFER score of 115 or above are also included on the register. Finally, some pupils have been added to the register following their KS2 or KS3 Levels i.e. for KS3, those pupils achieving a minimum of level 5 in all of the core subjects English, Maths and Science at the end of KS2. For KS4, those pupils achieving a minimum of level 6 in all of the core subjects English, Maths and Science at the end of KS3.
In line with the recommendation of the Welsh Government, approximately 20% of each year group have been identified as More Able and Talented.
The school will support your child in two main ways: in day-to-day teaching within the classroom and in activities outside it. In lessons, teachers will ensure that your child is sufficiently challenged by devising extra learning activities which enable your child to utilise, practise and extend his/her talents. These activities will not simply be 'more of the same', but something distinctive. For example, a research project might be set on a particular topic. Teachers will also ensure that they ask more searching and challenging questions in order to test and extend your child's understanding of what is being studied. At other times, your child may be grouped together with other More Able and Talented learners and given different or more challenging work. Some subjects, including the core, organise pupils into ability sets. The intention is not to increase your child's workload or to 'pile on the pressure', but to challenge and stimulate. Outside normal lessons, several Curriculum Areas organise or facilitate extra-curricular activities for the More Able and Talented.

As a parent, can support your child in a range of subject areas. Additionally, there are many practical steps that you can take to support and nurture your child, for example by encouraging him/her to:

  • Utilise the local library and the internet as learning and research resources
  • Visit museums, science centres, nature reserves and art galleries
  • Watch educational and current affairs programmes such as the news, wildlife/nature programmes and documentaries, and discuss them
  • Read a quality national newspaper
  • Discuss and debate topics, such as politics, the environment and the media
  • Discuss homework and schoolwork
  • Take part in extra-curricular activities
  • Take an active part in family decision-making
  • Listen to different types of music
  • Read for pleasure, including demanding/challenging books
  • Take regular physical exercise
  • Socialise and relax in between work and learn to 'switch off'
  • You can also support your child by:

  • Providing suitable learning resources such as books, encyclopaedias, magazines, computer software etc.
  • Organising day trips and visits to places of cultural, historical and educational interest
  • Building cultural experiences, trips and excursions into family holidays
  • As a parent, you are the most constant and important factor in your child's development. You, better than anyone else, know your child and you may feel that the school is 'missing something'. If there is anything that you feel we need to know – for example, about 'hidden abilities' that your child may have which you think are not being catered for properly – please inform us. Parents, teachers – and, most importantly, children – all benefit from close school-parent liaison.
    The following websites may be useful to you: National Association for Able Children in Education (NACE) - NAGC -

    Additional Needs

    On average, 25 – 30% of the pupil population of Cantonian High School are on the AN register. Pupils with AN may be supported by Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the classroom, depending on funding levels provided by the Local Authority. This support ranges from full-time 1:1 support (in very few instances); some with group support in the classroom; to programmes of support delivered by TAs such as 'STAIRS' or 'Phonics', aimed at improving literacy levels, which may involve pupils being withdrawn from class for additional literacy lessons. For more information, please contact the Head of Inclusion, Miss W Hopkins, via the main office (029) 2041 5250 or email: